Design matters - how good design can help when delivering a custom app

Video created by eric_fraser on Feb 13, 2018

    Good design is usable and effective; a great design can transform a users life. Designs need to go beyond shiny features. Your custom apps should aim to inspire and empower organizations to think differently about process and technology. Immerse your practices with design principles that focus on the value and difference your apps can deliver.


    • Understand where your design can touch users’ lives in a meaningful way.

    • Hone your skills on transforming an ordinary screen into one that astounds users.

    • Tips and tricks for making it easy for your users to understand your interfaces.

    • 5 key but easy principles you can stick to keep you on the right track when designing for a great experience.


    Watch an exciting 45 minute webinar featuring Jordan Watson, Humming Tech, as he gives you best practices for designing your custom app. Jordan is the designer of the custom app used by actors from the hit TV series “The Office” in FileMaker, Inc.’s recent #FarmTime ad.