FileMaker and Xero Integration

Video created by eric_fraser on Nov 10, 2016

    Xero makes it easy for businesses to stay on top of their financial situation. But as a Xero customer do you spend valuable time reentering contacts, vendors, and invoice information into Xero from other systems or paper forms? Do you experience information inconsistencies between your applications and find it takes an inordinate amount of time to bill clients?  Are you concerned about too many people accessing your sensitive Xero data? Do you need a CRM that manages contacts and allows you to push billing information to Xero?  Using FileMaker – an Apple subsidiary – you can quickly deploy a custom app to complement your existing workflow and integrate with your Xero service.  FileMaker’s app development platform enables companies like yours to utilise custom apps that are easily scalable, highly adaptable, and designed to improve productivity and security.  Watch an informative and explorative 60 minute presentation featuring FileMaker Business Alliance member - Databuzz, and see how their fmAccounting solution (Xero Edition). can quickly integrate with Xero to streamline your workflow, protect your sensitive Xero data, and help your team work from anywhere.