DevCon 2015: Modern Custom Web Publishing - Steve Winter

Video created by mark_baum on Sep 4, 2015

    Steve Winter (Matatiro Solutions)

    Session Description

    Custom Web Publishing (CWP) has existed for many years, however, web technologies continue to evolve at a phenomenal pace. In this session, we’ll look at best practices in terms of development approach and how the “mobile first” ethos applies to building a web application. We’ll look at existing frameworks to help make this easier for us. We’ll discuss and demonstrate techniques which can be used to improve performance of web applications to ensure FileMaker based web applications perform well. All of these lead to AJAX based applications and we’ll look at development of APIs to support this and how to test and debug them. Lastly, we’ll look at techniques to integrate a CWP component into an existing web site.

    What you should know

    Experience in building CWP solutions.

    Products & Technologies

    • FileMaker Pro
    • FileMaker Pro Advanced
    • FileMaker Server

    What You Will Learn

    • Mobile first, but the world has enough wheels - use a framework
    • Making it fly - techniques for improving web application performance
    • Techniques for integrating FileMaker into an existing website
    • When it all goes horribly wrong - debugging web applications like a pro