FileMaker Developer Cup at DevCon - No Costume Required

Discussion created by mark_baum on Jun 25, 2015

Hi everybody,


Are you planning to come to DevCon this year -- and have you applied to compete in the Developer Cup?


We've heard that some people haven't applied because they didn't want to invent a costumed alter-ego. If that's you, please apply anyway and let us know that on the application.


This year's event is going to be deeply geeky and delightful, with audience participation, a theme song, and of course the cash bar.


The challenges will be different too. Still difficult, but shorter, more fun, and more attainable. So don't be scared away by that either!


Applications are due today -- why not take a moment to apply now?


Looking forward to seeing you there!


Matt Navarre and Mark Baum