FM14 and Froodware Contacts and Calendar plugins

Discussion created by Froodware on May 28, 2015


With the release of the FM14 product line we've had some questions from users about the compatibility of our plugins (the Address Book selector for data exchange between Apple's Contacts and FM and the Calendar plugin for data exchange between Apple's Calendar and FM) so I thought I'd better post the info here:

Our plugins work in FM14, as long as you open FM14 in 32 bit mode. You can set FM14 to open in 32 bit mode by selecting the application, choose ‘Get Info’ and tick the box 'open in 32 bit mode'.

Our installer does not install the plugin in the FM14 extensions folder yet, but you can drag it there manually, either by copying it from the extensions folder from an earlier version of FMP, or by copying it from the Froodware folder in the Applications folder.

Note: sometimes the icon of the plugin might look like a folder, but the plugin will still work normally.


Please note that if you work in Mac OSX 10.9x or 10.10x you need to give Filemaker Pro access to Contacts/Calendar when using our plugins. You can do so by going to your System Preferences->Security and Privacy and add Filemaker Pro to the list of applications that is allowed to access Contacts/Calendar.


We will release an update soon that will install the plugin in the FM14 Extensions folder, and fixes the icon issue.

We are looking into the 64 bit version of our plugins, but we do not have an estimated release date for this yet.


Feel free to contact us in case you have questions about this. (


Happy Filemakering!