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Discussion created by ahansen on Jul 23, 2014
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I am very much looking forward to attending my first DevCon in just a few days, and while I will definitely be attending the orientation session, I am looking for some recommendations, tips, and tricks for planning a successful week.


I am currently planning a preliminary schedule for the week with a goal of having a primary and alternate session for each block. Unfortunately, there are several blocks where I have found multiple sessions that would be beneficial to the projects I am working on. I am trying to narrow these down by looking at the speaker presentations, but there are several blocks where I am still stuck. Knowing if one of these sessions will not be recorded definately would definately be helpful in narrowing this down. How do you determine if a session will or will not be recorded? Is this information posted in advance somewhere? I have looked at the schedule on the DevCon website and in DevCon2Go, but I am not seeing anything.


Speaking of sessions, what are your must see sessions and/or speakers? What sessions would you definately recommend to a first-timer? (I will be attending the pre-conference sessions.) I would consider myself an intermediate FileMaker developer, and I was/am certified in FileMaker 7.


One of the big things I am looking forward to is the opportunity to network with the FileMaker community. Does anyone have recommendations on how I should best go about doing that? (I am very much a introvert who gets awkward and nervous in social situations, but I find that I have an amazing time when I do come out of my shell.)


Anything else that I am missing?


Again, I am looking forward to a very fun and benefical week, and I am excited to meet everyone.