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Your FileMaker Calendar in a Browser


Our Pro Calendar now includes a second set of scripts and layouts tuned for WebDirect in FileMaker Server 13.


The v2 rev of FileMaker Server 13 made a lot of small improvements to WebDirect and we're pretty stoked about what we've been able to accomplish. The WebDirect calendar has almost complete feature parity with the calendar in FMPro. Filtering, resource scheduling, and even Gantt Charts all work (screenshots below).


And since this is all done with unlocked, straight forward FMP layouts (some of the techniques here even come from FM 8.5) you can modify all this without getting into any crazy javascipt, php, or web publishing stuff.


Learn More: Demo, Movies, and Screenshots


Get what you need here: SeedCode Calendar for Pro, Go, and WebDirect


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  • Good news: the WebDirect add-on consists of layouts and scripts you can paste into your existing copy of the calendar.
  • Purchase the Upgrade
  • Follow our instructions for adding these features to your copy.
  • If you purchased the calendar since March 1st we've already sent you a free upgrade. (Please let us know if you missed it.)


Enjoy the screenshots below... and if you're building something in WD, post a screenshot here. I don't think folks are seeing enough of what's possible in WebDirect.


- John