[ANN] Backup Manager for FileMaker Server

Discussion created by kamar on Apr 14, 2014

Hi All,


FM Backup Manager is a service that runs on your FileMaker server and provides a web interface to view, manage and restore one, some or all files from a backup.


In addition, at server startup - it will first check all files were closed properly - and only start FileMaker server if all files were closed.  Optionally, if one or more files weren't closed properly, you can automatically restore from the most recent progressive backup before starting server.





The program is offered to anyone that is interested in providing an easy way to manage FileMaker backups.  It's something I'd like FileMaker Inc. to integrate directly into FileMaker Server, but until that happens - I'm making this service available to all.   If you think the concept is worthwhile, feel free to let FileMaker Inc. know...


Any and all feedback is welcome.



Note: I provide no warantee and accept no liability.  I've been testing this service with some of our clients for the past 6+ months.