NEW VERSION - Allergo Mini-Calendar

Discussion created by AllegroDataSolutions on Jan 11, 2014


NEW! Allegro Mini-Calendar 3.0

Re-engineered for FileMaker 13

- Simpler Code

- Single Table
- Single Layout
- Calendar Theme & Styles
- Greater customization
- One version displays calendars that start with Sunday or Monday

Now it's easier than ever to add calendar functionality to existing databases. Simply copy a single table to your solution (FileMaker Pro Advanced recommended), recreate the calendar relationships, layout, value lists. Import the scripts and theme, and you are ready to adapt Allegro Mini-Calendar to your requirements.

All calendar views are contained in a single slider control. One additional field needs to be on the layout, outside the visible area, for use in the scripts. There are two main views, showing the Month and Week, respectively. Click on any row to add or edit an event. The details are displayed in a popover control.

The To-Do List is displayed on the Week view.
The new Tools view allows you to see all calendar records at a glance, modify them, and purge old entries. You can filter this list to make it more manageable. Delete the date from a record to turn it into a To-Do List task. Add a date to a To-Do List task to make it a calendar event. Set Recurring Appointments from the tab control. The Startup Options tab allows you to set the starting date for the calendar and optionally delete old appointments and completed To-Do List tasks when the solution is opened. A single setting determines whether the week will start with Sunday or Monday (in both the Month and Week views).


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