FileMaker Developers in Southern California - 9/13 Meeting

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Come one, come all FMDiSC members and FileMaker enthusiasts!


Our next meeting is Friday, September 13, from 9:30am to 1:00pm. If you've never been to one of our meetings before, just feel free to show up -  no need to RSVP. We'd love to see you at the meeting and new members are always welcome!  And FMDiSC meetings are always FREE!!!




I fear yee not, oh Friday the 13th!!!

If you do have "Friggatriskaidekaphobia", you may want to stay at home for the day. If you're feeling lucky…well, you are! 

This is our annual FileMaker Developer Conference Overview meeting where we recap the wealth of new and exciting things learned by those that attended the conference this year in San Diego.  There were some new products revealed, some great sessions that stretched our brains and even some fun stories to tell. Share what you learned and hear what you missed. Plus we have 3 of the experts from the conference showing content from their actual sessions!

1.  General Conference Recap

There's much to report re the conference in terms of what was covered, who attended, events, awards, personnel changes, industry trends, major takeaways and things to think about. We'll start the meeting off with a general roundtable to let the attendees percolate through all the doings of the conference and answer any questions by folks that missed it.

2.  Todd Geist - Understanding Data Binding

Todd's session got many people talking afterwards (as usual).  He will do a brisk recap of his dev con session where he talks about the data binding of FileMaker Layouts to data tables. Data Binding is one of top two ingredients in FileMaker's secret sauce.  Why?  Because it solves several very complex problems that normally plague modern database applications.  And it does it so well that developers barely notice it, except when it gets in the way. Lets take a look at what data binding is, and why it is such a killer FileMaker feature.

3. Jonathan Mickelson - Starter Templates & FM Thriving in an outside world

Jonathan did an excellent job as a 1st time DevCon presenter.  Of course this is no surprise to 'DiSC members, as he's been providing us with compelling sessions for years. See him recap his two sessions where he talks about the importance of Starter solutions in your development and how to integrate FileMaker with a variety of other technologies.  There will be a lot of content that you can factor into your own development practices.

4. David Knight - Working with Go / Business benefits of great design

Dave will do fast and fun reviews of the key points from his popular DevCon sessions.  He'll show great ideas for Go solutions and smart approaches to getting your customers to move forward with this exciting new platform. He'll also show a few Go development tricks that he and his team have picked up along the way.  Dave will also show an entertaining look at businesses that pay attention to great design…and those that don't.  See how design brilliance can help you distinguish your company, help users, and increase your profits.



09:30 - 10:00 - Setup, Breakfast

10:00 - 10:30 - General Conference Recap

10:30 - 11:15 - Todd Geist - Understanding Data Binding

11:15 - 11:30 - Break

11:30 - 12:15 - Jonathan Mickelson - Starter Templates, etc.

12:15 - 01:00 - David Knight - Working with Go, etc.



Bresee Youth Foundation

184 S. Bimini Place

Los Angeles, CA 90004

We meet in the the multipurpose room.



Bresee is near the corner of 3rd Street & Vermont, in Koreatown/Central Los Angeles. If you're at the corner of 3rd Street & Vermont, just go North on Vermont, then take a right on 2nd Street. The first street you come to is Bimini Place. It's on the corner of 2nd & Bimini Place.  Street parking