DevCon 2013 – The ride...

Discussion created by LyndsayHowarth on Aug 26, 2013
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DevCon 2013 was a terrific 'ride'. I've wanted to go for years and finally I did it. I am really glad I did.


The travel from and back to Australia was the most difficult bit. 14 hour flights plus the getting to and from Brisbane was at the edge of my tolerance levels. The joke is that from Brisbane to San Diego airport it only took 5 minutes... but 3 days on the way back. The serious bit is the jet lag.... it has taken me over a week to recover.


Whilst I appreciate all the work put in by all the presenters, the highlight for me was meeting everyone. I have looked at people's headshots for many years and always wondered what you are really like... and now I have met many of you and have a much richer picture of everyone. Some people I meant to chat with but the time passed so quickly and sadly I missed out. (Delfina Daves for eg). I did meet many others who I had previously not been aware of and I also got better acquainted with some of the Australian crew... whose company I really enjoyed. I was always last in the bar in the wee hours and felt like I was 25 again.


When Ryan Rosenberg called me out in the Closing Session... it was overwhelming. Sure I expected a mention as on of the Top 5 Contributors... but not the fuss and the applause of the 1200 strong audience. It is, after all, something I do for selfish reasons... to keep the brain active.... so I almost felt a fraud. I will treasure that moment! Thanks everyone!


I won't mention everyone I met (Taylor Sharpe did a pretty good job already) or what I learned (yes... a couple of things), but I will say "Thank you" to everyone who was there and "Thank you" to FMI for a wonderful party! Here's hoping I get back next year... to San Antonio, Texas! I've just bought a Spanish phrasebook so I have to get an opportunity to use it ;-)


adios amigos!