Advanced Charting and Reporting Techniques with ExecuteSQL - Join Greg Lane on Thurs, 8/15 at 3:45pm

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FileMaker DevCon 2013 - Join Greg Lane on Thursday, 8/15 at 3:4tpm for Advanced Charting and Techniques with ExecuteSQL Session.





Session Description


Reporting on last year's  sales is a piece of cake. Reporting NEXT year's sales is a bit trickier.  This session will explore statistical forecasting models that you can  implement in FileMaker Pro to help your users analyze data, reduce  uncertainty, and plan for the future. We'll examine a variety of methods  to calculate trend lines, moving averages, weighted averages, seasonal  forecasts, and other quantitative models that can be useful for  forecasting sales, attendance, inventory demand, manufacturing, or  anything else that is likely to follow patterns or trends.


Products & Technologies
  • FileMaker Pro


What You Will Learn
  • How to make your data more valuable with forecasting and statistical modeling techniques 
  • Use the ExecuteSQL function to easily calculate sums, averages, and counts within data sets
  • Implement trend lines, moving averages, weighted averages, seasonal forecasts, and more
  • Ways to improve the performance of complex charts and reports that use ExecuteSQL



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