Vendor Demo - Join Chad Adams on Wed, 8/14 at 3:45pm for FMPRC: Let the Server Do the Work

Discussion created by SkeletonKey on Aug 8, 2013

Want to learn more about FMRPC by one of the developers that helped invent it?



FileMaker DevCon 2013 - Join Chad Adams on Wednesday, 8/14 at 3:45pm for Vendor Demo, FMRPC: Let the Server Do the Work







Join us at our session, showcasing FMRPC (FileMaker Remote Procedure  Call), which allows FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go to offload data and  processor-intensive operations to FileMaker Server, thus dramatically  boosting mobile application performance. FMRPC also allows FileMaker Go  to use plug-ins and send JDBC commands, thus enabling mobile FileMaker  applications to perform functions it never could before. We will  demonstrate the ease in installation and configuration, as well as  implementation in your solutions. We will discuss best practices and  answer your questions. FMRPC is a new product created by the teams at  Skeleton Key and 360Works. For a preview of FMRPC before the session,  please visit Skeleton Key's FMRPC web page.


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