SQL Basics for FileMaker Developers - Join Greg Lane on Wed, 8/14 at 2:00pm...

Discussion created by SkeletonKey on Aug 7, 2013

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FileMaker DevCon 2013 - Join Greg Lane on Wednesday, 8/14 at 2:00pm for SQL Basics for FileMaker Developers


FileMaker has continuously improved its SQL-related features and with  the addition of the ExecuteSQL function in FileMaker 12, every  developer can benefit from knowing a bit of SQL.

This session will focus  on the basics of writing SQL queries and how to use those queries  within FileMaker calculations and scripts.

We'll also look at practical  examples of how to use SQL to integrate with other systems and to  leverage FileMaker data within calculations with freedom of context.


Products & Technologies
  • FileMaker Pro
  • FileMaker Go
  • ODBC
  • SQL
  • plug-ins
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows


What You Will Learn
  • Learn to write basic SQL queries
  • Learn about ways to use SQL with FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go
  • Discover ways to use FileMaker to integrate data with other systems
  • Explore techniques using the ExecuteSQL function to simplify your relationships graph and use data from any context


If you'd like to see Skeleton Key's entire speaking schedule, please visit our DevCon 2013 webpage.