MightyData at DevCon

Discussion created by beyondthechaos on Jul 30, 2013

MightyData, a Platinum Member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, will present two Unconference sessions, one PreCon session and one FileMaker Training Series session at the 2013 FileMaker Developer Conference in San Diego.


"10 Reasons I Believe in Value Pricing" is an Unconference session hosted by Kirk Bowman, Visionary of Value at MightyData and a Practicing Fellow at the VeraSage Institute. On September 17, 2009, Kirk made a public commitment on the FileMaker Talk podcast to change his business model from hourly billing to value pricing. He had fully changed over his business by January 1, 2011. Since then he has had several successes and some failures. This session will be an open discussion of what works, what does not work, and why value pricing is a viable alternative for a developer to sell his knowledge and experience to improve the lives of his customers.


"Bare-Bones ExecuteSQL: The Unconference Session for SQL Newbies" is an Unconference session hosted by Darren Burgess, Maestro of Metamorphosis at MightyData. Darren has spent the last eighteen months learning to use the ExecuteSQL function with FileMaker and has written about his experiences in blog posts such as "FileMaker SQL Nightmares: Tips for Degugging SQL Queries." Recently, he rewrote the SQL queries for a customer solution to make the code more dynamic and less vulnerable to changes in the schema. Darren will share what he has learned including code examples, custom functions, and resources to the SQL novices use the ExecuteSQL function in his development.


"Bare Bones PHP" is a PreCon session presented by Anders Monsen, Architect of Integration at MightyData. This session will dispense with theory and focus on writing basic PHP code using a text editor. The attendee will learn how to search a FileMaker database, display the results and handle errors using the FileMaker API for PHP. This is the fourth year MightyData has offered the Bare Bones session at developer conference. Anders shares PHP posts regularly on MightyData’s blog, such as "PHP Development for FileMaker Developers."


"FTS: FileMaker Web Publishing" will also be presented by Anders, a FileMaker Authorized Trainer. The session will be an overview of the Instant Web Publishing and Custom Web Publishing technologies in FileMaker Server. The attendee will learn when to use each technology and what the requirements are to set up each one. Anders will share his experience from deploying with web publishing with FileMaker Server over 100 times in his career.


The schedule for the two Unconference sessions will be announced on Twitter the evening of Sunday, August 11. Follow @mightydata to receive the latest updates. Bare Bones PHP will be Monday, August 12 at 10:30am. FTS: FileMaker Web Publishing will be Thursday, August 14, at 9am. Both the PreCon and FTS session are part of the Gold Package for the FileMaker Developer Conference.


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