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Is a Static IP address required to remotely access a network hosted FM database?

Question asked by PeterBlack on Apr 5, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2013 by PeterBlack

Is it correct, that all remotely connecting computers should have fixed or static IP addresses rather than DHCP?


I have seven FM Pro 12 Mac users, accessing one DB on a standalone workstation. Six of them connect via 'Remote' using TCP/IP. They all work very well. Apart from the host, all my users laptops and desktop stations are set with DHCP.  I see that FM instruct that a router's port setting for FM, should be 5003.


My query arose because one user has experienced severe drop outs and FM crashes. I finally discovered it was due to her Mac workstation being simultaneously used to provide  'internet sharing' services to an aging ethernet connected local MacBk Pro laptop, which cannot be easily equipped to run with 802n WiFi. (I must now solve that one another way!)


I need to better understand the whole DNS and Static Adresses issue because I am about to install FM Server on a MiniMac server.


Thank you in advance for considering this issue.