StartingPoint - adding modules

Discussion created by jaylin on Jan 7, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2013 by mr_scott

Greetings all. 


I am very excited about this forum, with its wealth of information and access to ready / willing experts. This was a factor in choosing FMr as our platform. I'm charged with developing a d/b and transitioning away from our current proprietary program.


StartingPoint is what I'm working with in FMr 12 Pro Adv. It being a free starter solution, I am wondering if there are any samples of what others have done, or anyone who'd want to share. The missing pieces for us are purchasing, inventory and serialized product tracking.  Anyone?


Also, any opinions on BaseElements, or other add-ons to consider?


I am a novice at this, a fact that was driven home when I looked at the under-belly of StartingPoint. I will appreciate any direction and resources offered!