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[ANN] Jump Start Your FileMaker Consulting Career

Discussion created by Molly Connolly on Jul 23, 2012

Chicago - Thorsen Consulting, Inc. a leading consulting and training company is now offering an intensive, virtual training program for junior developers September 4-28, 2012.


The Apprentice Training Program is aimed at companies looking to train their junior talent. The program is also effective for career changers who are looking to learn the necessary skills to become a successful FileMaker consultant. During the 4 week program, students work with industry experts to create a study plan for short and long-term growth and then tailor their learning plan for immediate results within their organization.




"We've been looking to hire junior talent for years but didn't have the time to invest in training the new hires. We sent our first junior hire to the apprentice program and saw immediate results. Our new hire is quickly developing strong technical skills and more importantly he's able to pitch in (and bill hours) immediately because of the skills he acquired in this program."

Adam Aronson

President, FullCity Consulting


The program exposes students to a variety of customer service, development and consulting techniques through a series of teleseminars, guided exercises, quizzes and homework. Areas of focus include:


  • Customer Service
  • Needs Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Quality Assurance


This program is intended for junior developers who are highly motivated and who have access to more senior developers for on going learning and mentoring. The focus of this program is helping the juniors get up to speed with basic skills, be aware of key resources they can use to further their skills and assist them with troubleshooting, and learn the techniques necessary to be successful developers.


The next class starts September 4th-28th. Students must commit to 3 hours of scheduled meetings per week and be prepared to spend 10-20 hours per week to complete scheduled coursework and receive one-on-one coaching and feedback.


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Or contact Molly Connolly ( for more information.


Class size is limited and early discounts apply for registrations before August 15th.