Monday 7/16 Lunchtime Get Together for First and Many Timers!

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The other thread got really long so here's the bullet points for those of you interested in getting together with fellow DevCon'ers on Monday July 16....Especially first timers!




Bleau Bar - Lobby of the Hotel. Im told it's very easy to spot!


>> Someone suggested we call it Pause for Drinks...

>> This is a (highly) unorganized meet and greet for first and "many" timers 3 hrs before the official filemaker orientation for anyone wanting to get the week started off with some new friends!


>> We'll be there about 11:30-11:45 and grab a few tables or be at the bar - we have black t-shirts with our CornerStone Solutions logo and will be with other FM folks - (we're easy to spot with the badges around our necks) so just come up and say hi!


>> If you think you might be popping by for a drink or something to eat - reply to this thread or drop me personal message so we get an idea of how many might be showing up - we can do our best to save enough space if possible.


Let's get the week started off with new friends !


My name is Rich and our lead programmer Brian will be there with a few other folks who have been to many devcons - so please come on down!