"12 Days of FileMaker 12" - Bonus Week 1

Discussion created by beyondthechaos on May 21, 2012

FM Academy, a collaboration of leading FileMaker development and training companies, is proud to announce the 12 Days of FileMaker 12 webinar series. Each Tuesday and Thursday for six weeks (and more!) the Academy will host a 60-minute webinar on a new feature of the FileMaker 12 product line.


This week features:

TUESDAY, May 22, 2pm EDT

Webinar 13: Window Styles. Enhancements to the New Window script step will give developers much more control over new windows and their behavior. This webinar will present techniques for utilizing the new “Specify Advanced Styles” option to configure modeless document windows and modal dialog windows. We will explore new features and look at a variety of examples displaying the possibilities.


Chad Adams is the presenter. He is an Information Analyst with Skeleton Key, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum level member in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a FileMaker 7,8,10 and 11 certified developer and has been working with FileMaker for over 15 years.  Over that time, he’s run his own business, worked for FileMaker consulting firms and has been an in-house developer. Chad has authored articles for FileMaker Advisor Magazine and is a regular contributor to the Skeleton Key YouTube Channel found at  His biggest and most enjoyable job is being Dad to his 11 year old daughter and 9 year old son.


THURSDAY, May 24, 2pm EDT

Webinar 14: Server Performance. FileMaker Server 12 is one of the most important tools to help you maximize the performance of your FileMaker solution. In this session from the 12 Days for FileMaker 12, we will explore several features in FileMaker Server 12 to help you diagnose and resolve performance issues. Support for 64-bit operating systems, faster WAN performance, and independent database processes offer a boost right out-of–the-box. Progressive backups and managed container fields provide new ways to architect you database for better performance. Server logs and statistic graphs help you read the tealeaves to identify potential bottlenecks. Join our presenter and FileMaker Academy to learn how to use these new tools in FileMaker Server 12.


Kirk Bowman is the presenter. If you really want to talk shop, Kirk Bowman brings over 15 years of experience developing FileMaker databases and Web applications as well as systems integration. As the principal of MightyData, Kirk heads an elite team of FileMaker Certified Developers and Authorized Trainers. He is a renowned speaker at the FileMaker Developer Conference and PauseOnError un-conference. Anyone who knows Kirk realizes that to become the Visionary of Value means walking the walk and talking the talk. To that end, Kirk is a Practicing Fellow at the VeraSage Institute and a proud graduate of EntreLeadership.


Free registration for the complete series schedule is available immediately. Once you register for the series, you will receive email reminders for each session. The only thing you need to attend is a computer, iOS or Android device and a WiFi connection.


About FM Academy

FM Academy is a consortium of seven FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum companies. Our goal is to educate FileMaker users and developers, encourage best practices, and foster adoption of the FileMaker platform. The members of FM Academy are 360Works, Anvil Dataworks, Fiddlehead Software, IT Solutions, KyoLogic, MightyData and Skeleton Key.