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FMTools Resurected - Application Window Control

Discussion created by Paul Jansen on Apr 17, 2012

I have always run my database windows maximised under Microsoft Windows to avoid the mess that is two sets of window borders and,even worse, the database window half disappearing behind the application window


I was hoping that with the release of FileMaker Pro version 12 we would see an improvement in window handling under Microsoft operating systems.  Alas this was not the case.  Using the new Advanced styles for new windows still causes maximised windows to be 'un-maximised'!


This renders the new window controls almost useless for me. I say almost because, I can at least disable the window controls on the database window by creating a new window and closing the original - a bit of the kludge, but useful none the less.


So I have decide to resurect FMTools; the shareware add-on I wrote for FileMaker versions 3-8 under Microsoft Windows.  The first public release was version 2.0 in January 1998. Originally FMTools contained a myriad of functions grouped into eight modules.  The new version will initially have only three modules ( Window Size Control, Backup/Restore, Wait and Run ) as most of the others reproduce functionality either built in to FileMaker or available using plugins.


For the full story see


See  for full details and to download


Oh, I forgot to say, FMTools is completely free to use...




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