New Release Allegro Timeclock – Small Business Edition 1.0

Discussion created by AllegroDataSolutions on Mar 28, 2012

New Release Allegro Timeclock – Small Business Edition 1.0



This is a simple, turnkey time clock and billing solution for FileMaker 11. Intended for small businesses, this version includes all the features of the Freelance Edition, plus the ability to track hours for multiple employees and payroll. It was designed to be shared on a network, using FileMaker Server.



Employees see a single layout, which allows them to log in, “punch” a virtual timeclock and log out. An employee can work on any open job and a job can have any number of employees. Employees see only their own unpaid hours.



The administrator (and, optionally, managers) have access to all the other layouts and features, including the ability to edit employee hours. The latter is useful for making adjustments, reimbursing employees for expenses, or correcting mistakes (such as forgetting to punch in or out).



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