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FileMaker remote table has some records missing.

Question asked by on Jul 8, 2019

Hello, community,


I have a FileMaker solution which uses some tables remotely from MYSQL through the ODBC connection driver.


I have a weird situation with one of the remote tables. 


In MySQL, I have customers tables with x number of records. In FileMaker, if I go to the relationship graph and add that remote table (through ODBC), the numbers of records are different. 


Now, I have some other remote table which I use in my solution and they all work great. It's only not working for customers table. I can see the ODBC is working because I can add remote tables etc...


What my belief is a remote table in FileMaker should always have the same number of records as the source table. But in this case, the customer table has X records and when added on FileMaker, it has some records missing. 


Does anyone have any idea why it's doing that.