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Relationship Problems

Question asked by amerioca on Jun 28, 2019

Hi everybody,


I recently amended a db from an old Lynda course, controlling shore excursions for river cruise ships. For my limited expertise (I am still a rookie at the very best) the construction is somewhat complex as there is many vessels, different routes, different charterers and consequently different shore excursion programs and prices. In some cases the shore excursion program of different vessels and operators is similar but not the same and so on.

I have 7 different tables partly related:


For every journey ::customers and ::trip are assigned a tour code and date (“tour code” is not unique as journeys repeat themselves during the season, “Tour Code” in conjunction with “Date” is unique)

Every tour operator/vessel has many trips on every journey. All tables are uniquely defined by id.


Now I want to create an opening layout reflecting all relevant cruise information such as passenger list and ::trip (shore excursions) for the specific journey, as well as other information in text fields.

But I seem to be unable to get the right relationship and layout setups together. I tried all possible relations and layout setups but nothing worked so far.  


I was able to either retrieve the passenger list for each journey or the offered shore excursion (trip) list but not both together on one layout.


What is it, I am doing wrong? Any ideas are appreciated