Strange behavior of a script in FMP 17

Discussion created by bertrand on Apr 19, 2019

In an accounting solution I built a script that from one or more prerecorded operations creates one or more operations (recurring operations). It is therefore sufficient to choose one or more operations and to validate so that this or these operations is added to the current flow (with recalculation of dates for the month, the quarter, the semester or the following year, settings of certianes rubrics, etc...).


In FMP15 or 16, the script works perfectly, in FMP17, the script does not create anything except when it is executed in whole or in part in Debug mode. To believe that running it step by step allows it to work properly.


I had this type of behavior in two different solutions without being able to find similarity in the scripts.


More than 5 months before being able to test in the future version.

Depending on the solution, I run in FMP16 or FMP17 but I use less and less version 17 that I find disastrous.