New soSIMPLE Version 3.9 and 20% off, too

Discussion created by kdoronzio on Dec 22, 2018



The latest version of soSIMPLE focuses on our sleek smartphone calendar.




We've updated the base code for our smartphone calendar and tweaked some of the settings to give our iPhone users an experience as good as the built-in calendar - but wired directly to your FileMaker solution. And like all of our calendar views, the smartphone view is designed to be as flexible as you need it to be:


  • Paste the calendar on your layout and it runs your built-in scripts in FileMaker Go
  • Open it up in a browser, and your clients can manage their calendar without even having FileMaker Go installed.
  • You can save it as a web app, and launch it right from your phone's desktop
  • You can even use it in WebDirect, or with iCal
  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone.


And this is just another view in our calendar. Share the same data source and theme as your desktop calendar. Try it here now: Download soSIMPLE Calendar for FileMaker See more about this update in our change log.