Report on First Using Filemaker for Research Meeting

Discussion created by smizrahi on Dec 21, 2018

Report on November 30 Meeting.


Hello all! We had a small (four people) but productive Zoom meeting on Nov. 30, 2018. We discussed the initial plans for our research group and came up with some queries we want to send out to all our participants.


First, we would like to meet once per month, but need to know what approximate times would work for folks (the Nov. 30 meeting was set randomly just to get things going). This is especially important since we have participants from a variety of different continents. One approach we considered is to have a selection of times that we alternate with so the same folks are not stuck with a meeting in the middle of the night every time. To facilitate this, we will post a separate discussion thread so that all of the proposed meeting times are in the same thread. Stay tuned to see this posted some time after the Christmas holiday.


We also are looking for a few volunteer moderators to share the duties as our user group grows. Sometimes this means a quick answer to a question or moving a discussion thread that would fit better in the main community or another discussion board. If you are interested please email Stephanie ( or Erica ( Once we have a critical mass of folks, we will set up a schedule with everyone.


Each month we want to hold a featured discussion thread on using Filemaker for research. For example, we have had a thread already on what organizations use Filemaker, but how do individual researchers use it and what findings have they been able to make using their FM solution? We are looking for other examples as well. If you have an idea for a featured thread, send it to Stephanie at ( I will keep a running list and post a new one each month. Be warned, I may contact you to see if you want to write up a prompt for your thread.


Finally, we talked about what we wanted to accomplish at each meeting so that it is productive and useful for everyone. One thing we would like to do is highlight a different member’s research each month and how they use Filemaker to accomplish their research goals. You never know when someone has the perfect idea for a problem you were struggling with. Erica is going to present at our first meeting (tentatively for sometime in January) and Stephanie at the second. Anyone interested in presenting their research for subsequent meetings, please email Erica at and we will schedule a different presenter each month. We anticipate a 15-20 minute presentation (similar to a typical panel at an academic conference) with a time for questions and answers, followed by the remaining meeting agenda.


I think I have covered everything we needed to start with. Stay tuned for more after the holidays and everyone have a wonderful and safe celebration.