Assisted Learning Through Robotics

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The reason I earlier shared FileMaker's webinar in the Using FileMaker for Research User Group, is that the very interesting seminar looked very usable for research, and that BonnieWalker seemed receptive to university and other educational partnership for the project.

Future of work:  Assisted Learning Through Robotics and a Workplace Innovation Platform


Announced here: Robotics webinar

Some notes with timestamp links (±31 seconds):

-:00:00 Begin, webinar tech info

0:01:31 Rick's introduction to IoT

0:04:31 BonnieWalker on Autism, Social Robots, and ARES Project

0:12:31 The Challenge, making available technology accessible to teachers and students

0:14:31 Involvement of a language specialist

0:16:31 About IoT (Internet of Things) and Robotics (RIoT)

0:18:31 Types of development required

0:19:31 Computer-human interface, data analysis (made effective by FileMaker Pro Advanced)

0:24:31 How XML and Python and cURL are being used.

0:25:31 Web Viewer, Javascript, CSS

0:29:31 Key benefits for teachers, students, and families

0:31:31 Why FileMaker?

0:32:31 Plans for the Future: dementia projects, AI

0:34:31 Resources in the FileMaker website and Community, BonnieWalker's contact information

0:35:31 How long it took.

0:38:31 Working and testing with universities and PhD candidates; just contact BonnieWalker.

0:39:31 Robots about $10,000

0:41:31 Most challenging piece: Connecting to robot (simple ultimately), robot security.

0:43:31 Effective ways to get educators to use this technology. Robots are out there at schools already, but not getting used.

0:46:31 Types of social skills the robots teach. Vocabulary. Comparisons.

0:47:31 Other languages: Spanish, French, Japanese... Robot can do many more.

0:48:31 Robots on Linux

0:49:31 Now Robots

0:50:31 Google Watson API

0:52:31 Does the robot get smarter? Only from developer adding programming options.


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