YouTube Topic-Timestamp Tagger for "Research"?

Discussion created by eric on Dec 1, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2018 by FrankvanderMost

The reason I shared the YouTube Topic-Timestamp Tagger (YTTTT) in the Using Filemaker for Research User Group

is that I thought it might at least help with any post-production note-keeping you might want to do if you post meeting presentations to YouTube. For DIGFM I write notes in real time with time-of-day and convert them to video position links. I do the same for the time notations on the GotToMeeting chat. This YouTubeTagger in FileMaker makes all that very easy.


As for research, if, for example, someone like smizrahi were watching and noting statements at times of day or points of time in a congressional hearing, then those could be easily converted from time-of-day to time-in-video and even hyperlink to those points in the video if using a system that supports that feature, like YouTube.