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Wish list for extended calendar support

Question asked by FrankvanderMost on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by FrankvanderMost

In the Any historians around? thread, David CamelCase_data and I briefly addressed extended calendar support. It would indeed be worth the while to enter a product idea. The while of the Using Filemaker for Research User Group to show our interest, but perhaps it is also in FileMaker's interest. It seems (admittedly after not a lot of digging around) that such calendar support is mostly lacking in most database systems. It will not just gain a lot of attention from historians but also widen support for FMP in countries/cultures that use other civil calendars than the Gregorian. FMP already supports the Japanese Wareki dates, so perhaps extending to other calendars is not that much extra work for FM.


Since I am a historian of the 20th century, I am not very familiar with the existing calendar systems out there, nor what kind of functionality historians would want. Hence my request for your input. After a bit of wiki reading, I came up with at least the following

- support of Julian calendar

- support of BC dates in the Gregorian calendar

- translation support, i.e. some function or system that translates one calendar to the other


What else?

- do we want to request specific forms of support? I'm guessing an option to choose a calendar type in the options for a date or timestamp field, but perhaps there are better ways.

- which calendars before the Julian calendar?

- are there multiple formats for the Julian calendar, or any other calendar? Is it important to have those supported?

- can we be specific as to how we would like to have functions support different calendars?

- are there any specific visual aids that we would need, like the calendar picker?

- those who are familiar with FMP's support for the Wareki dates may have some useful evaluations of how FMP supports that calendar.


All replies and other issues that I have overlooked are most welcome