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For me this is the discussion that led me to this Using Filemaker for Research User Group before it even existed:

Any historians around?

There's a lot of interesting discussion in there (for researchers), but what I found more interesting were all the external resources scattered among the replies. I'll try to list the ones that caught my eye here:



FileMaker in Action: Research Case Studies




Summarized on comment:

SJSU Research Guides at San José State University Library

Here I found this information about researchers needing a Data Management Plan:

Write Data Management Plan - Data Management

It's interesting that there's a whole DMPTool for these requirements.

File Format - Data Management

Those recommendations come from the Library of Congress:



Litlink, a knowledge management system and literature database for the arts in general but historians in particular. The tool is free to use, you can download the runtime at for windows or for MacOS

(The download side is in German, but once running you can switch the whole system to English or French by clicking on the gear wheel on the left and then on the field "Sprache" top right of the layout.)

The tool was designed by historians so it concentrates very much on collecting all kinds of sources and enabling you to cross-link basically everything.



The Transport Archive- Three Centuries of Transport .

"An FMP database called Curate, which I built in FMP6! It used Dublin Core object characterisation. I have attached a pdf describing the way FMP was used." —Howard Freeman



The SINNO database is a database with Swedish innovations in the manufacturing sector, currently going back to 1970. The data is manually extracted from industrial/professional magazines... The design is not available for download but I am more than happy to discuss it, and a brief description of main functions and features can be found at . More information about the SWINNO project and a free spreadsheet version (sic!) of the data can be found here SWINNO | Department of Economic HistorySchool of Economics and Management .


And, of course, this new user group:

Using Filemaker for Research User Group