Initiating the Using Filemaker for Research User Group

Discussion created by eric on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by ericatamburo

If you haven't noticed, I'm a little excited about the creation of this Using Filemaker for Research User Group. I'm not even a researcher or expect to be active in the group long term. I just know several people and areas to whom I'd like to share this resource and (as an incurable dreamer and optimist) I have high hopes on how resources like this can help faculty and students at my university and others.


Today I'm going to initiate the group, as I hope others will, with several posts that seem relevant to the group. Since I'm not a researcher myself, feel free to tell me that the post is not all that relevant to the kind of research this group is all about.


Being a group leader myself for DIGFM, I have a couple suggestions:


  1. It makes sense to post only to the group topics which are almost entirely research related.
  2. However, when, a researcher is asking or discussing things that could easily be answered or discussed by any FileMaker Developer, I recommend using the Share button (usually in the upper right, after it has been posted) to share in the broader Discussions space. Example: "How should I setup this relationship to the resource table in my research app?" (You can also share posts from the Discussions space into this group.)