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When & Where to Meet for DIGFM?

Question asked by eric on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2019 by eric

DIGFMnewLogo.jpgI guess we're not supposed to create Community polls (since most people don't have access to create them, and those polls didn't work very well anyway).

So here's a question where we can propose and vote on when and where DIGFM should meet now that security at The Wedge prohibits our presence there after 4:30pm.


  1. Look at all the proposals in the replies below.
    I will seed the proposals with some that have already been proposed in other conversations.
  2. If you have different places and times to propose, make your unique proposals and reasons for when and where to meet in the replies below.
    Try to follow the pattern and format of my proposals if you can.
  3. Vote for or against the proposals in the following ways:
    1. Mark Helpful "Yes" and Like your favorite or top proposals.
    2. Mark Helpful "Yes" only your next favorite or favored proposals.
    3. Like only proposals that you hope don't win, but could work for you anyway.
    4. Do not mark or like any proposal that is somewhat inconsequential to you, since you have acceptable alternatives or didn't really care that much.
    5. Mark Helpful "No" any proposals that would completely prohibit your live attendance in-person or  (only if there is another proposal you voted that would allow you to attend live  or in-person).
      I'm not sure we can get a tally from Helpful "No", but let's see what happens.
    6. If you don't have any proposals that would work at all, please don't vote.
      Just reply how awful it is we can't meet at The Wedge after 4:30pm, because you live hiding somewhere inside or outside the building.


Feel free to discuss the proposals below and like any reply you wish, but please don't mark helpful mere discussion points; only mark helpful serious proposals.

Feel free to vote even if you only join us .

If you're not a Community member, too bad—you don't get to vote.