Training Course on how to Integrate FileMaker and Outlook

Discussion created by KeithLarochelle on Sep 11, 2018

Productive Computing, Inc. is offering a new course at Productive Computing University (PCU).


The new course, Connect FileMaker to Outlook, features the Outlook Manipulator plug-in and is designed to help developers quickly master the necessary skills to properly integrate Outlook and Exchange with FileMaker.


The Outlook Manipulator plug-in is used to exchange data between FileMaker and Microsoft Outlook, Exchange or Office 365.


In this 5 hour course, students will learn how to increase the productivity, efficiency, and accuracy of their FileMaker solution by connecting it to a Microsoft Outlook or Exchange account. The course will cover how to connect to Outlook Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes.


Connect FileMaker to Outlook is designed for those who are interested in performing an integration for the first time, those who are looking to improve their existing integration, and those who need to train a new hire on how the plug-in works.


The course also features advanced application sections discussing efficient ways to increase data accuracy and it reviews some of the ins and outs of Outlook to help familiarize the user with the program's terminology and best practices.


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