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Change Logo to Match Changed Name?

Question asked by eric on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2018 by eric

DIGFM has changed its name to... DIGFM.

That is,

from Database Interest Group for FileMaker

to Developer Innovation Group in FileMaker.

Would any of our attendees have the time for or interest in changing the logo for us, though?


DIGFMlogo.jpgHaving a lightbulb in a folder is even more symbolic of the new name than ever, but we have to change the text, and the image and text style could be different. The JPEG here is the only copy of the logo we have of this ancient heirloom. It might be nice if it were a scalable SVG. The blue-teal is fine with me, but if someone wants to try a different color,

I'm partial to this BLUE R0 G85 B162 (#0055A2)

and, if two-tone, this GOLD R229 G168 B35 (#E5A823).


You can submit each alternative logo below in an individual reply, and even vote on them by liking them.


If this thread doesn't get anywhere, I'll find time to change it myself eventually.