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Web Viewer Map Integration

Question asked by angeldejesus on Jul 6, 2018

Hi, I'm working on a FileMaker Web Integration with a Google Maps JavaScript API, I tested the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code in a browser and it works perfectly, it shows me the map and the marker in the coordinates I want, then I pasted the code in a web viewer on my filemaker layout and I added some quotation marks where needed, and it also worked but not the way I wanted, It should get the coordinates from two different fields on my layout: the latitude and the longitude field I have tried different ways to do this, but it doesn't work.


On  javascript the map code is:




        function initMap(){


            // Map options


            var options = {


                zoom: 13,






            // New map


            var map = new


            google.maps.Map(document.getElementById('map'), options);


            //Add marker


            var marker = new google.maps.Marker({














The map gets the coordinates from center:{lat:18.898696999999999,lng:-98.251587000000001} and position:{lat:18.898696999999999,lng:-98.251587000000001},


That doesn't work for me, I need the map to get the coordinates from my layout fields, I have tried this:


center:{lat:\"Captadores 2017::Latitud\",lng:\"Captadores 2017::Longitud,\"}


position:{lat:\"Captadores 2017::Latitud,\",lng:\"Captadores 2017::Longitud,\"},



Also I tried by placing the code in a field Layout called HTML where I changed the code to:






And I created a calculation field called HTML_Calc_ForLibraryUseOnly unstored but It didn't work:


Substitute ( HTML; ["<<latitud>>" ; Latitud];


                   ["<<longitud>>" ; Longitud]




And I managed a Custom Function called Map where I wrote:


Substitute ( Latitud ; "<<latitud>>" ; Captadores 2017::Latitud ) &


Substitute ( Longitud ; "<<longitud>>" ; Captadores 2017::Longitud )


And it still doesn't work this is very frustating I have worked on this since Monday, please help me!!