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Condition Dependent Auto Entry of ID

Question asked by whitsend on Jun 20, 2018


I am a relatively new user of FM, and have been tasked with developing a data base for a volunteer run archive. This archive manages the history of Australian Jazz. To date it has used a rudimentary data base to record the 10,000 objects in the archive. The objects are music disks, CD, Videos, Reel to Reel, Acetate, LP etc


The contact data base consists of Members, Volunteers, Musicians Donors and Sponsors


The Entry level Contact form automatically provides an ID for each contact. It has Radio Buttons to determine whether the contacts are Members, Volunteers, Donors, or Musicians


A tab form allows the user to then input specific data related to either Member, Volunteer, etc


I would like to create an individual ID for each of the sub unist (member, donor, volunteer, etc)


@The automatic entry of this number is dependent upon whether the contact has ticked the box for that skill set.

So how do I go about thisObviously, if I use the Auto Entry, it will need to be validated to ensure the contact has ticked the relevant box. I have tried to use a Calculation to define the Validation, but it does not work.


Can anyone please help?



Ross Baldwin