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Close a external data source to release a server license

Question asked by jlcalhoun61 on Mar 26, 2018

I created an application that works 99% on a IPad running FMGO 16. The 1% connects to a hosted server running Server 16.  I have over 1700 iPad deployed in the company.  Each one only connects to the server for 15 seconds on average.  I have 100 concurrent client licenses.  Throughout the day each device will connect only once.  I have set all the timers on the server to the smallest amount of time to disconnect based on inactivity (these times are to long).  I need my users in and out of the server.  My current solution is to display a dialog box and close the application and force the user to re-login (not the most elegant solution) if they need to continue to use the app.   I have tried to the Close file function (with the help of FM support) no luck.  The connection is created when the user opens a form that has a relationship to a table on the server.  Any help would be great, thanks in advance.