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Intellectual Property

Question asked by rook2q5 on Mar 18, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by mikeo'neil

I need guidance on how to pursue intellectual property of a case management system that I have developed using Filemaker Pro. For the past two years I have been beta testing the app with a group of law enforcement officers, whose job it is to manage crisis intervention. The law enforcement agency (I am an employee) has purchased all required licenses, including server, my advanced copy and the user client seats. After review of the Filemaker Pro Advanced License pdf, my copyright lawyer is of the opinion that I may not be able to obtain copyright protection. So I am reaching out for your expertise and clarity on


  1. whether I stand a chance at all in achieving copyright protection of the app
  2. what legal steps I need take toward that objective
  3. how to place a value on the app
  4. how to find a market to monetize the app
  5. whatever other question(s) I should have asked but, thanks to my naiveté, have not.


Thank you for your assist.