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How To Pass Multiple Parameters or Range to a Script from a Button

Question asked by fratinize on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2018 by bertrand

I have 5 Buttons (one for each day of the Week) They All Run the Same Script, I have Added an optional script Parameter such as "Tue" or "Wed", ect  to the Script form and Each Button Works as Expected finding the List based on the Day of the Week Parameter.

Now I want to Split each of these Days into 2 Groups (AM and PM) and Assign a New Button for each Choice (having 3 for each day).

I am Not Understanding How to Add a Second Parameter. OR Another Option Would be To Use only the Sequence Field (Since the first digit of the Sequence Number is Directly Associated to The Day of the Week (i.e. 200 -250 is Tuesday, 300 - 350 is Wed... you get the Idea) (AM is 200 - 215, PM will be 216 - 230) so Really I should use just that Field (Sorry thinking out loud here).


Problem is I am Unsure How to Find Records in a Range to be used as an optional script Parameter

and Am not getting it. Anybody?

Thank You in advance.