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DIGFM: WebDirect Compatible, Dynamic, and Portable Custom Dialogs (2/8/2018; Santa Clara, CA)

Question asked by eric on Feb 5, 2018
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February DIGFM Meeting

WebDirect Compatible, Dynamic, and Portable Custom Dialogs


FileMaker’s Show Custom Dialog script step is allows for up to 3 input fields and even allows for masking characters for use in password entry.  Sometimes you just need more. That was a challenge we wanted to address while developing a new iteration of our product. Some of the important things we wanted to address were:


  • allow for more than three fields
  • allow for more types of input fields(ie, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down lists)
  • allow for larger sized dialog boxes without requiring the user to expand the dialog from the default size
  • allow for more than three buttons
  • WebDirect compatible
  • easy to implement and support
  • easy to plug-in to other products/solutions


In this presentation, we'll show the single layout, single script solution that we came up with using a combination of slide panels, text layout objects, and a couple of custom functions. We’ll demonstrate it’s use as well as spend time under the hood.   We’ll also show how to implement it in a new or existing solution.


A sample file will be available to all attendees.


If we find ourselves with some extra time,  we will show a dynamic, portable preferences UI that we implemented that utilizes many of the same techniques used in the Custom Dialog implementation.


photo_matt-e1469543474544.jpgAbout the Speaker

A FileMaker Certified Developer with 25 years of experience with FileMaker and FileMaker based solutions, Matt Klein has been responsible for application design and architecture, application development, customer care, technical/documentation writing, and training along with business and team management.


In a past life, Matt was the CEO and primary application architect of a company whose focus was reporting systems for Anatomic Pathology laboratories in the privacy driven medical industry.


In his current life, Matt has joined the CasaManager team as a Senior Application Developer and is a consultant for several local, and not so local, FileMaker based solutions.


Matt resides in New Hampshire where he was born and has a passion for playing music(drums, bass, 6-string acoustic) and the outdoors.


Date & Time

Thursday, February 8, 2017
6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


FileMaker Auditorium
5201 Patrick Henry Dr.
Santa Clara, CA 95054


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