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Trying to format a string of Numbers 1 to. 200 which contain only the numbers not in use in another field.

Question asked by ralphinbath on Jan 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by beverly

I have been using Filemaker since it originated. and have my own and several other businesses using it. I have been inactive for some time and At 85 my memory is failing me. I have been asked to update a database I created many years ago for my Church financial records. I have kept it's features updated until recently and it is now operating under FMP V15 but structure was started back in V6. It is operating fine, but new users are requesting a method to assign new Envelope Numbers with out a long search. To do this I need to create a field with available Numbers from  1 to 200. When a new number is selected, it should disappear from the list. and if a number is retired it should then reappear in the list. The list should show only the numbers not used by the Envelope # field. The envelope #'s are for church member identification. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Ralph Lewis