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DIGFM: FileMaker + Zapier = Simple but Intense Automation (1/11/2018; Santa Clara, CA)

Question asked by eric on Jan 3, 2018
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January DIGFM Meeting

FileMaker + Zapier = Simple but Intense Automation


Ken d'Oronzio of Paradise Partners and soSIMPLE Software comes to DIGFM remotely to show some really cool tricks using Zapier and FileMaker 16's new Data API. He showed this during his DevCon presentation "Automate the REST". Using these two connected services and the free fmGateway app from soSIMPLE Software (, you can easily hook your FileMaker solution up to hundreds of web services without any coding.


  • new leads from your website can be automatically collected into your database
  • ecommerce orders can be imported automatically
  • SMS updates can be sent automatically to alert clients in changes to their order
  • customers can be automatically subscribed to your newsletter
  • invoices can be sent via PayPal or Invoice Ninja (
  • updates can be sent to Slack and vice-versa


The options are only limited by the number of apps available on the Zapier web site – and there are hundreds of them.


ken d'Oronzio.jpgAbout the Speaker

Ken d'Oronzio is an partner at Paradise Partners, Inc. and lead developer of soSIMPLE Calendar. He's a two-time speaker at the FileMaker Developers Conference and loves to play around on the rugged landscape between FileMaker and the rest of the known world.


Date & Time

Thursday, January 11, 2017
6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


FileMaker Auditorium
5201 Patrick Henry Dr.
Santa Clara, CA 95054


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