Uploading DevCon2Go17 file onto cloud...

Discussion created by rcollins on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by rcollins

I'll be going back and forth between my laptop, iphone and iPad, and thought that uploading DevCon2Go17.fmp12 to FM Cloud would be a convenient way to share one set of data.


I've got it encrypted and uploaded to Cloud, but for some reason I'm unable to open it in the admin panel. It will prompt me for the encryption password (which has the required upper/lower/characters/length) but after I click "Ok", it just returns to the main screen without opening it. I only have one other database open, out of a total of 3 on my cloud instance, and there are no users logged on.


Is anybody else trying to host a version, and are there any particularities about this file that I need to keep in mind?