[ANN] FileMaker Classes in Melbourne and Sydney in April

Discussion created by davidhead Expert on Mar 15, 2017

uLearnIT (David Head) is currently offering FileMaker Pro 15 training classes in Sydney and Melbourne.


The first class offered is Get Started with FileMaker Pro 15. It is a two day introduction to FileMaker development covering everything you need to know about creating a custom FileMaker solution.


Classes are scheduled for Sydney (19-20 April) and Melbourne (27-28 April). Each class is great value at $990. You can also pick up a discount coupon code on our web site.


Course Outline

The FileMaker Platform – overview of the products and what they do

Building a Database – three different ways to start a custom database

Inside a Database – looking at tables, fields and relationships

Displaying Data with Layouts – creating layouts, using text and field objects

About Relationships – using keys to form relationships, viewing related data

More About Layout Objects – formatting objects, using other layout objects

Calculation and Summary Fields – creating and using

Scripting to Automate Processes – creating and running scripts

Exporting Data – methods to extract data from your file

Securing Your File – how to protect your data file

Sharing Your File – how to provide access to other users

Next Steps – where to from here


Register for your FileMaker class now or get more information at http://ulearnit.com.au/filemaker/filemaker-classes/ 


About uLearnIT

uLearnIT delivers FileMaker training for all levels of FileMaker developers – from absolute beginners through to certified developers. uLearnIT is a registered FBA Trainer with extensive real-world experience and in-depth knowledge on the best practices in FileMaker solution development, and a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA).


Training is designed and delivered by David Head – an experienced trainer, qualified teacher and FileMaker Certified Developer. He is able to explain abstract concepts in ways that are easy to understand. David has been working with small and medium businesses for over 25 years. In that time, he has seen a wide range of business types, learned their business processes, and improved them one by one.


Our name, uLearnIT, is a modern contraction of “you learn IT (information technology)”. We use IT solutions to solve your problems and show you how to use them.


Our tagline explains our process – See. Do. Understand.