Grow Your Business with FileMaker: The Class

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The Woodlands, TX - November 8, 2016 - Ronel Data is proud to announce the availability of Grow your Business with FileMaker: The Class. Learn how to grow your business using FileMaker. Get tools to get you started right away and keep to grow your business even after completing the class.


The course is geared towards business owners and their team looking to improve and fine tune business practices to increase productivity, improve workplace interaction and culture, and ultimately provide better customer service and results. For those already familiar with FileMaker Pro, the class lets you dive right in from the first week working with your current business practices. For those not yet familiar, there is a quick introduction and explanation of databases using FileMaker. Filemaker is the easiest, quickest and most cost-effective database tool for creating a robust solution/app for business from start-up to well-established. Each week after the first, students focus on one of four steps and work on hands-on assignments using tools included with the course and their own resources. At the end of the course, students will have had experience with organizing, managing and improving their own business practices, and will have the tools to continue growing their business with Filemaker.


These are the primary course outcomes for Grow Your Business with FileMaker: The Class.


1. Create and manage Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


2. Learn and utilize techniques for conducting effective meetings, including formulating effective agendas, devising objectives, delegating tasks, and organizing meeting minutes


3. Learn general steps of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), concentrating on communication before, during and after development of the solution/app


4. Determine most important data to track to monitor effectiveness of business practices (SOPs) and the solution/app(s) deployed for them


Students will be introduced to the concepts of the course in the first module and will be given the assignment to gather their business information, including business practices and policies. A set of prioritized Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is then formulated to focus on those with the most important issues to address with a possible solution/app. Once the most important issue is determined, the software development lifecycle (SDLC) is discussed with an emphasis on communication during and after development and deployment. Lastly, important data is gathered and charted to monitor the effectiveness of the solution/app.


Two Formats: Choose the one that’s right for you

The course is offered in two formats:


The LIVE Class includes 2 LIVE one-hour sessions each week for discussion and Q&A with Raf Batista, a FileMaker coach with over 20 years industry experience with a record of successfully assisting companies get control of their workflow and data. This class has a schedule begin and end date to conveniently add to your calendar. Sign up for the LIVE class by clicking here.


The self-paced class allows a student to get started right away. Content becomes available weekly to ensure the student gets the most from each module. Sign up for the self-paced class by clicking here.


Included Bonus Packages

These are included with the purchase of the course and are delivered within the first week of the beginning of the class.


SeedCode Complete, “A Starter Solution for the Real World”, offers a comprehensive framework for contacts and project tracking. It comes completely unlocked, ready for customization, and includes DayBack calendar. SeedCode is the leading extensions developer for FileMaker Pro, the cross platform database and app creation environment from Apple. (


SeedCode ProMaps allows addition of scriptable, customizable, multi-pin, Google Maps to FileMaker Pro layouts. The map can be configured to use fields and images from your FileMaker records on a filterable Google Map. Other features include shape-searching, found set management, and routing. When combined with Complete, ProMaps provides one more level of customization to shape a solution tailored to your business, instead of the other way around. (


15% off Discount Code from 360Works, one of the top-tier FileMaker firms in the world offering professional grade plug-ins and add-ons for FIleMaker Pro, for use on any order from them. (


About Ronel Data

Established in 1993, Ronel Data has emerged as an active participant in the growth of the FileMaker community by providing a high level of expertise in FileMaker Pro. Our strengths include business data coaching, database consultation and design, and development of desktop and mobile solutions utilizing FileMaker Pro and other technologies. Our team has developed custom applications for a multitude of industries, and have integrate multiple technologies to successfully improve workflow control, team interaction, and customer service.


About the instructor

Raf Batista been successfully assisting businesses get control of their workflow and business practices across multiple industries utilizing FileMaker and other technologies for over 20 years. He has also taught software development and hardware classes in the LoneStar College System for over 6 years both in the classroom and online. His business and FileMaker consultation and coaching experience, technical knowledge gained through his Master’s degree, and adjunct professorship provide a combination that can assist any business organize, prioritize, and achieve their goals.


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