Why is FileMaker being such a not support company

Discussion created by lee on Jul 30, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by rmertzic

I have been a FileMaker developer since 1994, and have produced several solutions through the years. I have never been able to attend a DevCon because I’m a one man operation, and can’t afford to take the time off or bare the cost to attend.


I have over the years, learned a great deal by being able to view the videos and materials after the event. However, this information from last year’s DevCon never got posted, with a few exceptions. I’ve got the feeling that this years 2016, will end up being the same thing.


Please explain to me why there was a changes in access to the conference materials, and why they are being kept from those of us who pay your bills, i.e. buying FileMaker, and providing solutions. There is also a value to the goodwill that we spread about using FileMaker’s products.