Froodware Contacts and Calendar plugins - FMP15/64 bit versions

Discussion created by Froodware on May 19, 2016
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Some of you already contacted us and asked us if/when 64 bit version are coming. Yes, they are coming.

We're sorry we're late. But we're close to releasing 64 bit / FMP15 versions of our plugins.


Contacts Plugin (for connection between Apple's Contacts and a FMP solution)

The Contacts plugin is in late beta, and we hope to be able to have a release version within the coming weeks.

While working on the 64 bit version we decided to add some new features, and one of the coolest new features (a framework for automatic matching of Apple and FMP contacts) gave us a bit more of a headache than we expected. But we're sure it is worth the wait!


Calendar plugin (for connection between Apple's Calendar and a FMP solution)

Once we're ready with the Contacts plugin we'll convert the Calendar plugin to 64 bit, we don't expect that that will take very long.


Registered users will receive an email once the new versions are available...


Best, Daniel|Froodware