[ANN] Troi Dialog Plug-in 6.5 for FileMaker Pro 15

Discussion created by schermpeter on May 17, 2016

Today we released a new version of Troi Dialog Plug-in, our plug-in for showing dynamic dialogs in #FileMaker Pro. This version is FileMaker 15 compatibile and was tested with Windows 10 and OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). In this version we also fixed several bugs, rewrote and modernized the code in several places and made further improvements.

Auto complete in FileMaker Pro 15

In 6.5 we added description and type-ahead information for all functions of the plug-in. This extra function description will be shown in FileMaker Pro 15 in the Specify Calculation dialog box when you type a function name and also as a text popup in the functions pane on the right.
The type-ahead information is also used by the auto complete functionality of FileMaker Pro 15. In the calculation pane of the Specify Calculation dialog box you can type a letter or two of the function name and instantly see a list of matching function names. For example when you type "li", the auto complete functionality will suggest the Dial_ListDialog function.

You can also type a function name in the functions pane on the right: for example if you type "dial" you will see all the functions relevant to dialogs, like Dial_BigInputDialog.

You can find more information on our web site: