Offer: Soliant Consulting Now Offering Pro Bono Services

Discussion created by makah on Apr 21, 2016

I am really excited to announce that Soliant Consulting is now offering Pro Bono Services. If your organization is involved in humanitarian work and would like assistance in building custom software to help you achieve your goals, we would love to talk! Please check out our philanthropy page on our website, and from there you can fill out a contact form:


Philanthropy at Soliant | Soliant Consulting


We were inspired at the 2015 FileMaker Developer Conference when a long time conference attendee and past speaker, Christopher Manton, shared with me his experiences as a journalist in Africa before he became a FileMaker Developer. The things he has seen are so heartbreaking to the point of being almost unspeakable, and after learning about what he saw first hand, we were inspired to use our talents to help organizations that are doing humanitarian work all over the world. We are excited to learn more about your nonprofit organization and how we can help!


Here's a piece I wrote going into more detail about my experience with doing pro bono work in tech.


Why I Started Doing Pro Bono in Tech | Makah Encarnacao | LinkedIn